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I started blogging three years ago. As my faithful readers know, my personal blog coexisted with Special Features (like this one) on the Social Evolution Forum. For a while such a strategy, mixing my personal blogs with more formal discussion pieces by others, worked well. But more recently the two have begun diverging.


Then, early this year we moved the Social Evolution Forum to a new location on the Evolution Institute’s site. For a variety of reasons, this move did not work well for my blogging. As a result, I decided to separate my personal blog from the SEF and move it to my own site. For the last month, I have been busy building my site, on which you are hopefully reading this post. That was in addition to the usual demands of research and teaching. Which is why it has been more than a month since I had written a blog post.

But now the new site is nearing completion (although there are still a lot of wrinkles to iron out. Give it two more weeks, and if you see something that doesn’t work after that, I would appreciate a note about it). Also, my semester is over, and now I finally have time to get back to blogging. To tell the truth, I missed it. I encounter new ideas and new experiences, and I can’t share them with you. It turns out that blogging is actually addictive!

So welcome to my new blog, Cliodynamica. I don’t think I need to explain what Cliodynamics is (but if you are unfamiliar with it, take a look here). Cliodynamica the blog, however, will not be limited to History as Science, but will cover all kinds of themes of interest to me, including politics, indie publishing, food, and travel. The core of history, cultural evolution, cooperation, and complex societies will, of course, continue to dominate.


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