Why There Is No E-Book Version of Ages of Discord

Peter Turchin


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I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about whether there is an e-book version of Ages of Discord (AoD); and if not, when there will be one. I am sorry to report that currently I have no plans to publish AoD on Kindle or another e-book platform. The reason is that AoD, unlike Ultrasociety, is not a popular book. There are tons of equations, data tables, and charts. See the list of figures and tables in the fragment that is available on the web.


It takes a lot of work to format such complex text for Kindle. As an experiment, I tried an automatic conversion program, and the results were pathetic. All graphics screwed up, equations transmogrifying into weird shapes—but not weird enough to approach surrealism art.



I don’t have time to do a proper job of typesetting a Kindle or epub version, and I don’t want to publish a half-baked product. It’s too bad that Amazon.com doesn’t allow one to sell PDFs anymore.

But those of you who want a cheaper e-book, don’t despair! I have plans to produce a popular exposition of the theory, and it will definitely have an e-book version. I won’t write it myself. Instead, I will work together with a good journalist who has a better feel for what works for non-academic readers.

Meanwhile, you can read freely available articles that I published in Nature, Aeon, and Bloomberg View: Political Instability May be a Contributor in the Coming Decade, Return of the Oppressed, and Blame Rich, Overeducated Elites as Our Society Frays. I also started to make the database underlying my analysis available here:



But keep in mind that this resource is under construction.

Finally, consider buying AoD simply to support my research. I will be donating the 2016 Beresta Books proceeds to the Seshat project, so any purchase that you make will enable us to support our crew of awesomely dedicated, bright, and knowledgeable Research Assistants.


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Keep an eye on this project – it’s currently being developed further to accommodate an extremely complext text, the CORE project.


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