Understanding Societal Collapse with Complexity Scientist Peter Turchin

The Conduit June 7, 2023 Link


What leads to political turbulence and social breakdown? Is there any way to stop history repeating itself today? Peter Turchin has mined 10,000 years of data to find the answer.

Peter Turchin has pioneered a new science of making history predictable – by applying methods that had already succeeded in other complex fields. You’ll want to know what he sees lying ahead, and what we can do about it.

In this live event, he will present a ground-breaking account of how human societies work, explaining how, when the shifting balance of power between the ruling class and the majority tips too far in favour of elites, elite overproduction leads to state breakdown. It happened in imperial China, in medieval France, in the American Civil War – and it is happening now.

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