Can Math Predict the End Times?

Andrew Yang Forward with Andrew Yang July 3, 2023 Link


Peter Turchin is a social scientist at the University of Connecticut who studies the math of social integration and disintegration. Peter created the field of Cliodynamics and delves into how he predicts the trajectory of social cohesion based on historical data from 200 societies, why elite overproduction is bad, and how we can avoid disaster by learning from the past.

00:00 – Intro
00:58 – History & Predicting Political Outcomes
13:54 – Four Forms of Social Power
19:39 – Like and Subscribe
19:50 – Elite Overproduction & the Wealth Pump
28:36 – The Political Stress Index
31:02 – How Do We Avoid Disaster?
39:24 – Learning From Our Past, Working For Our Future

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