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I have been vaguely aware that a social networking service, called Twitter, has been gaining in popularity over the last few years, but I did not pay much attention to it. My general attitude is that I will learn something new only when there is a clear reason to do so.

However, last week within days of each other, three people, who don’t know each other, independently told me that I need to get on Twitter. The probability of this happening by chance is less than one in ten thousand. So it was clearly a sign from the gods and, as we know from the Greek mythology, it is extremely perilous to ignore such omens.



So I signed up for Twitter, and I plan to tweet. In the beginning I will simply post on Twitter announcements of my blogs and other stuff published on the Social Evolution Forum. I am told that many people prefer to follow blogs on Twitter, rather than signing up for e-mail notifications. Apparently it is easier to track multiple blogs on Twitter.

And this is the second reason to sign up for Twitter. There are many blogs that I’d like to follow, but most of them post new entries only once every several days, so I’ve been wasting time when I check blogs where nothing new appeared. I’ll give Twitter a try to find out whether it will work for me as a kind of blog organizer. But in any case I will continue putting up notifications on Twitter of new content from the SEF, so if you’d rather follow the SEF on Twitter, you may be assured that I will not leave you out in the dark.

On a different matter. It’s been awhile since we ran a SEF special feature, so I am happy to report that next Tuesday I will be posting a Focus Article by Harvey Whitehouse about rituals and why they are important. It will be followed by a number of commentaries, most of which I already have received. I expect a lively discussion, and I welcome all of you to join it!



OK, I’d better stop with this blog – I need to go tweet about it.

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Hello/Prevyet Prof. Turchin,

Have you tried using Google Reader to organize your blog reading?

Peter Turchin

I haven’t tried it. I’ll give it a try.

James Waddington

Okay Peter, but what’s your @name (I don’t think I’ve quite got the hang of finding people on twitter).

Peter Turchin

It’s Peter_Turchin

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