Scholarly Reviews

Scholarly Reviews
Jack Goldstone

A review essay on End Times: Elites, Counter-Elites, and the Path of Political Disintegration by Peter Turchin

Cliodynamics (2023)
Scholarly Reviews
C. Dale Walton

End times: Elites, counter-elites, and the path of political disintegration

Comparative Strategy (2023)
Scholarly Reviews
Thaddeus C. Meadows, Michael D. Ryall

Peter Turchin’s ‘End Times,’ A Review

American Institute for Economic Research (2023)
Scholarly Reviews
Jonathan Marks

This isn’t rocket science. Review of five books, including Ultrasociety by Jonathan Marks

Evolutionary Anthropology (2018)
Scholarly Reviews
Anders Klostergaard Petersen

Review of Ultrasociety in Journal of Cognitive History 

Journal of Cognitive History (2018)
Scholarly Reviews
Piotr Tryjanowski

Współpraca to dziecko wojny in Forum Akademickie (Polish)

Forum Akademickie (2017)
Scholarly Reviews
Ian Morris

Review of Ultrasociety in Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture

Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture (2017)
Scholarly Reviews
Richard H. Burkhart

Review of Ages of Discord in Siam News 

Siam News (2016)
Scholarly Reviews
Mark Koyama

Review of Ultrasociety in Journal of Bioeconomics

Journal of Bioeconomics (2016)
Scholarly Reviews
Cameron K. Murray

Review of Ultrasociety in Evonomics 

This View of Life (2016)
Scholarly Reviews
Donald J. Zeigler

Review of Secular Cycles in the International Social Science Review

Social Science Review (2010)
Scholarly Reviews
William C. Terry

Review of Historical Dynamics in the Journal of Peace Research 

Journal of Peace Research (2007)
Scholarly Reviews
Dingxin Zhao

A review of Historical Dynamics in American Journal of Sociology

American Journal of Sociology (2006)
Scholarly Reviews
Andrey Korotayev, Natalia Komarova

Commentary on my article in Structure and Dynamics

Structure and Dynamics (2006)
Scholarly Reviews
Gordon Johnson

A review of War and Peace and War in The Times Higher Education Supplement

The Times Higher Education Supplement (2005)
Scholarly Reviews
Jim Doyle, Sara Hightower

A review of War and Peace and War in Library Journal

Library Journal (2005)
Scholarly Reviews
Noël Bonneuil

Review of Historical Dynamics in Theory and History

Theory and History (2005)
Scholarly Reviews
Philip A. Schrodt

A review of Historical Dynamics in Contemporary Sociology

Contemporary Sociology (2005)
Scholarly Reviews
Paul Seabright

A review of Historical Dynamics in Economics of Transition

Economics of Transition (2004)
Scholarly Reviews
Joseph Tainter

A review of Historical Dynamics in Nature

Nature (2004)
Scholarly Reviews
Jeannette Yen

Review of Quantitative Analysis of Movement

The Quarterly Review of Biology (1999)
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