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Elite Overproduction, Inequality, and the Unraveling of Cooperation (Structural-Demographic Dynamics)

The Double Helix of Inequality and Well-Being

The Strange Disappearance of Cooperation in America

The Strange Disappearance of Cooperation in America II

The Road to Disunion

Below the Surface: the Structural-Demographic Roots of the Current Political Crisis

Bimodal Lawyers: How Extreme Competition Breeds Extreme Inequality

The Poverty and Wealth of Nations

Living without a State

Why is Haiti So Poor?

The Deep Roots of Economic Development

An Imperfect Time Machine

Getting to Norway

Paradoxes of the Nordic Model I

Paradoxes of the Nordic Model II

Blame the Horses

Why do we wear pants?

Cultural Evolution of Pants

Cultural Evolution of Pants II

When Real Men Wore High Heels

Why Real Wages Stopped Growing (Structural-Demographic Dynamics)

The Double Helix of Inequality and Well-Being

The End of Prosperity: Why Did Real Wages Stop Growing in the 1970s?

Cutting through the Thicket of Economic Forces (Why Real Wages Stopped Growing II)

A Proxy for Non-Market Forces (Why Real Wages Stopped Growing III)

Putting It All Together (Why Real Wages Stopped Growing IV)

More on Labor Supply (Why Real Wages Stopped Growing V)

Cliodynamics in Science Fiction

Psychohistory and Cliodynamics

The ‘Dune Hypothesis’

Science on Screen: DUNE

How to Overthrow an Empire – and Replace It with Your Own

Indiscriminate Mass Murder as a Form of Political Violence (Structural-Demographic Dynamics)

Canaries in a Coal Mine

Canaries in a Coal Mine II. “We too are asking why”

Canaries in a Coal Mine III. Is the Trend Real?

Bryan Vila: A Criminologist Comments on ‘Canaries in a Coal Mine’

Canaries in a Coal Mine IV: Alternative Explanations

Geography, Ecology, Empire

Geographic Influences on Social Evolution: Ecology and Empire

The Splendor and Mystery of the Mississippian Civilization

What do the Mississippian and Chinese Civilizations Have in Common?

Why Europe is not China

Ways of War

Why Social Scientists Need to Study War

The Western Way of War?

The Western Way of War II

The Social Evolutionary Roles of Internal versus External Wars

Is War Creative?

A Productive Way of War

Unproductive War?

Unproductive War II

War Before Civilization

War! What Is It Good For?

Of Course, War Is Evil!

The War over War

The War over War, Part II

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