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Why reports that Western civilisation will soon collapse are premature

New Scientist (2023)
Popular Article

From Inequality to Instability

philea.eu (2023)
Popular Article

America Is Headed Toward Collapse

The Atlantic (2023)
Popular Article

The horse bit and bridle kicked off ancient empires – a new giant dataset tracks the societal factors that drove military technology

The Conversation (2021)
Popular Article

We predicted political upheaval in America in the 2020s. This is why it’s here and what we can do to temper it

noemamag.com (2020)
Popular Article

I predicted 2020 would be a mess for the U.S. Could that help prevent a second civil war?

The Globe and Mail (2020)
Popular Article

Your discipline needs you

BBC Histories Magazine (2017)
Popular Article

Social Instability Lies Ahead, Researcher Says

UConn Today (2016)
Popular Article

Peter Turchin: Entering the Age of Instability after Trump

Evonomics (2016)
Popular Article

Blame Rich, Overeducated Elites as Our Society Frays

Bloomberg (2016)
Popular Article

Deep Historical Roots of European Values, Institutions, and Identities

Euromind (2016)
Popular Article

Fatty Foods Are Good For Your Health

Edge (2016)
Popular Article

Russia’s Sacred Land. To understand Crimea, we need an evolutionary theory of national honour. It’s irrational and deadly – but it works

Aeon Magazine (2014)
Popular Article

Chiefs and Indians

Harvard University Press (2013)
Popular Article

Return of the Oppressed

Aeon Magazine (2013)
Popular Article

Cliodynamics: Can Science Decode the Laws of History?

The Conversation (2012)
Popular Article

The Historical Duty to Persevere (in Russian: Выстоять — исторический долг) 

Эксперт Online (2010)
Popular Article

Long-Term Oscillations in Population Numbers of Human Societies (in Russian)

The Elements (2009)
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