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Evolution Beyond Biology: A Symposium

April 26 All day

It has been famously said that “nothing in biology makes sense, except in the light of evolution,” and indeed evolution as a concept has been unifying for essentially the whole of biology. While applying evolutionary thinking continues to illuminate research in the biological sciences, the theory of evolution is also applicable beyond biological evolution. This symposium explores the applications of evolutionary thinking across different disciplines outside of biology — in artificial intelligence, linguistics, psychology, and cultural and historical studies. We expect that placing evolutionary thinking in the center will facilitate new insights, collaborations, tools, and directions.

Sponsored by

  • NYUAD, 19 Washington Square North
  • NYU Provost Global Research Initiatives
  • NYU Faculty of Arts and Science

Organized by

  • Itai Yanai, Professor, Institute for Systems Genetics, NYU Grossman School of Medicine
  • Michael Purugganan, Silver Professor of Biology, NYU and Academic Director, 19 Washington Square North. NYUAD
  • Joy Bergelson, Silver Professor of Biology; Chair, Department of Biology, NYU
  • Lauren Franklin-Hall, Associate Professor of Philosophy, NYU
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